Tal Golesworthy speaks at Medipex 2012 NHS Innovation Awards

Tal Golesworthy was invited to give a presentation at the Medipex 2012 NHS Innovation Awards which was held on 11 October 2012 in Wakefield.

Tal gave the presentation, called The Exovasc: Simple is Beautiful, to an audience of two hundred people from across the NHS, academia and the medical technology industry.

The Awards promote innovation within the NHS and connect its members in the NHS and academia with industry to help innovators develop their ideas and facilitate product development and clinical trials. They are open to NHS staff members, academic teams and companies across the Yorkshire and Humber and East Midlands regions who have developed innovative ideas to improve patient care across the NHS.

You can find out more about the awards at the Medipex site. You can also see photos from the event.

Tom Treasure presents at the Second GenTAC Aortic Disease Summit

The Second Thoracic Aortic Disease Summit was held on 1 and 2 August 2012 in Chicago, Illinois, just before the National Marfan Foundation Annual Meeting on 2–5 August. The Summit was held to share new findings from Genetically Triggered Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Cardiovascular Conditions (GenTAC) and the research community, to discuss the current information regarding disease pathogenesis, progression and treatment and to identify future directions for both GenTAC and the field.

Tom Treasure presented “A measured and conserving approach to the Marfan aortic root by use of a customised external support”.

John Pepper presents a paper at the European Society of Cardiology annual meeting

The European Society of Cardiology’s annual meeting was held in Munich on 25 – 29 August. The meeting is the biggest cardiovascular forum and attracts cardiologists from all over the world. John Pepper presented a paper at the meeting called “Individualised external support of the Marfan aortic root using computer aided design and rapid protyping to manufacture a customised implant: characteristics and follow up of the first 30 recipients” as part of an abstract session covering challenges in treating the aorta in Marfan syndrome and in coarctation.

You can find out more about the conference at the European Society of Cardiology website.

Tal Golesworthy at the Sigma Symposium

On 13 April 2012, Tal Golesworthy presented at the annual Sigma Symposium at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. Tal’s paper was ‘The Exostent: simple is beautiful’. This year’s symposium had a theme of ‘Inside and outside the box’. Combining and contrasting novel, unusual research with established, esteemed studies, the symposium aimed to connect two extremes in molecular sciences.

Marfan Association UK Annual Information Day

The 2012 Marfan Association UK Annual Information Day was held on 17 March at St George’s Hospital University of London in Tooting. A series of talks, plus an exhibition, a raffle and refreshments gave an opportunity for those with Marfan Syndrome and their families to meet, talk and find out more about the latest developments in the field.

BMJ Open Publication

Just published in BMJ Open is “A method for early evaluation of a recently introduced technology by deriving a comparative group from existing clinical data: a case study in external support of the Marfan aortic root” by Tom Treasure, Sonya Crowe, KM John Chan, Aaron Ranasinghe, Rizwan Attia, Belinda Lees, Martin Utley, Tal Golesworthy, and John Pepper. You can read the article on the BMJ Open website here.