About Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome is a condition that affects the body’s connective tissue. It is an inherited condition which has an incidence of about one in 5,000 people. In about 25% of cases the condition occurs spontaneously and there is no family history.

Because there is connective tissue throughout the body, Marfan syndrome can affect many of the body’s systems, including:

  • the skeleton
  • the eyes
  • the skin and lungs.

It can also affect the heart and blood vessels. It can therefore have potentially life-threatening consequences, notably dilation of the aorta that may lead to aortic aneurysm and dissection.

Aortic dilation may also occur in other genetic conditions such as Loeys-Dietz and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and in patients with a bicuspid aortic valve.  The ExoVasc® support has been used to treat patients with aortic dilatation caused by Marfan syndrome and each of these conditions.

Further information

There are numerous sources of information on Marfan syndrome on the internet: