MRI scan confirms PEARS success

The first patient to receive the ExoVasc® Personalised External Aortic Root Support – inventor Tal Golesworthy – has now reached the four and a half year anniversary of receiving the implant that pioneered the procedure.

A recent MRI scan confirmed the findings in all of the patients in the trial to date: the implant appears to halt any further increase in the diameter of the ascending aorta.

“I am delighted to read the stories posted by more recent patients who have received the implant.” says Tal. He adds, “It is good to see others sharing the relief from worrying about the future and not having the drawbacks associated with anticoagulant therapy. I look forward to my fifth birthday and many more thereafter!”

18 Year old undertakes PEARS procedure

A further patient received the ExoVasc® support in late September. For Professor John Pepper this successful operation on an 18-year old patient adds new data to the clinical trial. Results on the 12 – 48 month follow-up of the first group of patients in the trial are currently being analysed in preparation for the publication of a scientific paper.

Exstent shortlisted for Medical Futures Innovation Awards

Exstent Limited has been shortlisted by the judging panel to present its work on the ‘Development of and individually tailored external root support for Marfan Syndrome’ for the final of the Medical Futures Innovation Awards for 2008.

Professor John Pepper and Exstent Technical Director Mr Tal Golesworthy will present to the judging panel at the British Cardiovascular Society in September. For further information see